Jose Gamboa

I have more than 10 years of experience in design for manufacturing, education and consulting services. Before I ever knew what industrial design was, I trained as a jeweler and glass blower and taught college level courses in my native Costa Rica. I have lived in the Southeast for close to 10 years and spent some time in Europe working and learning from Horacio Pagani and his car design company in Modena, Italy. After graduating from SCAD and teaching design courses for a few years, I joined Kids II, the toy and kids gear manufacturer in Atlanta. At Kids II I was able to experience first-hand how to take an idea from concept to production and visited the factories in Asia.

My experience as a designer, artist and professor influences every aspect of my professional life and I strive to always apply these lessons to every new project. I rely heavily on sketching in order to get ideas across and I have taken on the challenge of bringing my love of sketching to a bigger audience with my workshops and lectures. To me, drawing skills are the basic tools for effective visual communication and I have experienced their power whenever I’ve been faced with language or cultural barriers.

I see myself as a partner to my clients, and I focus on making sure my clients understand all the tools available and offer solutions based on their needs, as well as what makes business sense based on their goals. I work with businesses to uncover opportunities with every challenge, and I’d love to start a conversation.

I have also the great honor to be selected as part of the jury for the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA®) for two years in a row. (2017-2018)